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TNR Articles

Categories    •   How to    •    TNR-yes    •   Alley Cat Allies    •    Best Friends    •   Maddies Fund    •   TNR-no    •  Ethics    •   Ordinances    •    PETA    •   Public Health    •   Wildlife


These articles have been divided into categories

• TNR-yes:  these struck me as clearly pro-TNR

• TNR-no:  these struck me as clearly anti-TNR

• Ethics of TNR:  just like it sounds

• Ordinances:  sample city codes

• PETA:  separated because they waffled yes/no

• Rabies, Public Health, Vaccinations:  neither pro or con

• Wildlife:  these focus on wildlife encroachment issues

Here’s how to...

Doherty-2014 Critical review of habitat use by feral cats | WildlifeResearch.pdf

Doherty = author

2014 = publication date

Critical review of habitat use by feral cats = title of article

WildlifeResearch = name of journal or whoever is the publisher

pdf = they should all be pdfs


2015 Community Cat Workshop Presentation | IowaHumaneAlliance.pptx

Benefits of Feral Cat TNR Programs vs. Euthanasia | 2017 Havahart.pdf

Davison-2015 Stray cat research hopes to curtail feline overpopulation | CBCNews.pdf

Feral Cat Winter Shelters Examples | 2015 NeighborhoodCats.pdf

Get Involved to Improve the Lives of Feral Cats through TNR | OneGreenPlanet.pdf

Gibson-2002 TNR program for feral cats on PEI | CanadianVetJournal.pdf

Hasselle-2014 Benefits of TNR for feral cats | NewOrleansGambit.pdf

How to Talk TNR | ASPCApro.pdf

Kortis-2013 TNR Handbook ed. 2 | NeighbohoodCats.pdf

Levy-2014 Targeted TNR and adoption onshelter cat intake | TheVetJournal.pdf

Miller-2014 Simulating Free-Roaming Cat Pop Management in Open Demographic Environments | PLOSone.pdf

Nutter-2006 Evaluation of a TNR Management Program for Feral Cat Colonies | NCSUni.pdf

Robinson-2013 TNR, the Best Approach to Feral Cat Management | HuffPost.pdf

Shelton-2013 Feral AdvoCATcy Presentation | AllAboutAnimalsRescue.pdf

Shelton-2013 How to Be an Advocate for Policy Change | AllAboutAnimalsRescue.pdf

Stoskopf-2004 Analyzing approaches to feral cat management | JAVMA.pdf

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) | 2009 TreeHouseHumaneSociety.pdf

University of Nebraska Is Wrong About Feral Cats | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

White-2017 Commissioners consider TNR to control Enola feral cat population | ABC27.pdf

Wolf-2017 Feral Cat debate TNR Is Sound Public Policy | NationalGeographicSocietyblogs.pdf

TNR-yes—Alley Cat Allies

Two-Pound Early-Age Vet Poster | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Animal vs Animal False Choice | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Animal Control Doorhanger | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Anti-Cruelty Laws Protect All Cats | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Army/Navy Club Case Study | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Baltimore TNR Coalition Case Study | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Boardwalk Cats Case Study | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Breaking Down the Bogus Smithsonian Catbird Study | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Building the Body of Scientific Evidence | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Cats In Need of Barn Homes Flyer | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Cats on Camous Bro | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

DC Cat Colony Case Study | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Ear-tip Poster | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Fate of Cats Caught by Animal Control Case Study | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Feral Cat Findings Spay/Neuter Clinic | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Feral Cats and Public Health Fact Sheet | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Feral Community Cat Infographic | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Feral vs Stray Fact Sheet | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Hawaii Cats Potentially Threatened by Invasive Species Bills | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Helping Outdoor Cats Doorhanger EngSpan | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

How Old Is that Kitten Progression | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

How to Live with Cats Bro | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Humane Treatment of Stray Cats Poll | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Junk science gets cats killed | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Key Scientific Studies on Trap-Neuter-Return | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Meadows of Chantilly Case Study.pdf

Meadows of Chantilly CommunityRealtions | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

New Scientific Study Finds Vast Majority of Pet Cats Are Neutered | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Norfolk Navel Shipyard Case Study | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Spay/Neuter Express infographposter | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

TNR Basics TruthCard | 2015 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

TNR Factsheet 2012 | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Truth About Community Cats and the vacuum effect | 2015 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Tufts Study shows feral cat control could benefit from different approach | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

What’s Humane for Cats Poll | 2014 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

TNR-yes—Best Friends

Complaints about Free-Roaming Cats Programs| BestFriends.pdf

Feral Cat Colony Management | BestFriends.pdf

TNR Cats Program Handbook | BestFriends.pdf

TNR Checklist-actionkit | BestFriends.pdf

TNR FAQ | BestFriends.pdf

TNR-yes—Maddies Fund

Boone 2014 Managing Free-Roaming Cat Populations | MaddiesFund.pdf

Boone 2014 Population Monitoring Program Management of Free-Roaming Cats | MaddiesFund.pdf

Does TNR threaten public health? | 2013 MaddiesFund.pdf

Hurley-2009 Community Cats part I | MaddiesFund.pdf

Hurley-2009 Community Cats part II | MaddiesFund.pdf

Kortis-2015 Persuading Municipal Officials to Go with TNR | MaddiesFund.pdf

Levy 2013 How to get local governments on board with saving cats | MaddiesFund.pdf

Wolf 2015 Bust myths about community cats with science | MaddiesFund.pdf


About Trap-Alter-Protect | 2016 TAPworks.pdf

Are Cats Bad for the Environment? | MotherJones.pdf

Barrows-2004 Professional ethcial and legal dilemmas of TNR | JVMA.pdf

Blancher-2013 Estimated number of birds killed by domestic cats in Canada | AvianConservEcology.pdf

Castillo-2003 TNR ineffective in controlling cat colonies | NatAreasJournal.pdf

Conniff-2014 Sorry, Cat Lovers TNR Simply Doesn’t Work | TakePartParticipantMedia.pdf

Does neutering Phoenix feral cats work? Prove it | 2015 TheRepublic.pdf

Everingham-2016 Surprise findings in Kakadu feral cat research | ABCRadio.pdf

Feral cats now cover over 99.8 percent of Australia | ScienceDaily.pdf

Foley-2005 Impact of TNR programs on populations of feral cats | JVMA.pdf

Fox-2014 When TNR for feral cats do more harm than good | TheWashingtonPost.pdf

Garcia-2017 Some disagree with TNR program for Albuquerque feral cats | KOB4.pdf

Gutilla-no date Catalina Island Conservancy | CSU.pdf

Hildreth-2010 Feral Cats and Their Management | UniNbraskaExtension.pdf

Hohnen-2013 Feral cat research critical in understanding native mammal decline | UniTasmania.pdf

How to Get Rid of Cats Humanely | 2017 Havahart.pdf

Longcore-2008 Critical Assessment of TNR Feral Cat Claims | ConservationBiology.pdf

Loss-2013 Impacts of out door cats on wildlife | NatureCommunications.pdf

McCarthy-2013 Tufts says TNR isn’t most effective method to control feral cat population | DVM360.pdf

McCarthy-2017 Study shows feral cat control could benefit from different approach | TuftsNow.pdf

Nachminovitch-2017 TNR Is Dangerous Both to Cats and to Other Animals | NatGeogrSocblog.pdf

PETA’s stance on programs that advocate TNR | PETA.pdf

Positions on TNR is not a humane or effective solution for feral cats | circa.2016 TNRealityCheck.pdf

References for TNR is not a humane or effective solution for feral cats | circa.2016 TNRRealityCheck.pdf

Ringer-2016 Reality Check TNR is not a humane or effective solution for feral cats | TNRealityCheck.pdf

Sizemore-2013 Pompano Beach The Science of Feral Cats | AmBirdConserv.pdf

Sizemore-2015 Trap, Neuter, Release | AmBirdConserv.pdf

Statement About Australian Feral Cat Study | 2017 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Taming Ferals | TAPworks.pdf

The evidence against TNR | AmBirdConserv.pdf

The Wisconsin Study bad science costs cat lives | circa.2011 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

TNR problems | 2007 TNRealityCheck.pdf

Trap-Neuter-Release is not a humane or effective solution for feral cats | circa.2016 TNRealityCheck.pdf

Wilken-2012 Feral Cat Management Perceptions and Preferences | SanJoseStateUni.pdf

Williams-2013 TNR makes feral-cat problem worse | OrlandoSentinel.pdf

TNR the wrong solution | 2011 AmBirdConserv.pdf

Ethics of TNR

Barrows-2004 Professional, ethical, legal dilemmas of TNR | JAVMA.pdf

Gross-2016 The Moral Cost of Cats | Smithsonian.pdf


City Council approves measure to capture, neuter, release feral cats | 2017

Model ordinance Royal Oak, MI | 2013.pdf

Pinellas Co Florida Strays and Feral Cats | 2017 AnimalServices.pdf

Ryckaert-2014 TNR program saving lives of stray cats | JohnsonCountyIndianaStar.pdf


Animal Rights Uncompromised Feral Cats | PETA.pdf

Feral Cats Trapping is the Kindest Solution | PETA.pdf

PETA’s stance on TNR | PETA.pdf

TNR and Monitor Programs for Feral Cats doing It right | PETA.pdf

The Great Outdoors? TNR? Not for Cats! | PETA.pdf

Rabies, Public Health, Vaccinations

Is TNR Spreading Rabies? | 2013 PETA.pdf

Cats Are No Rabies Threat | 2017 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Rabies Human Surveillance in the US | 2017 CDC.pdf

Rabies Wild Animal Surveillance in the US | 2017 CDC.pdf

Roebling-2013 Rabies Prevention and Management in TNVR Programs | ZoonosesandPublicHealth.pdf

Truth about TNR and Vaccinations | 2014 AlleyCatAllies.pdf


Doherty-2014 Critical review of habitat use by feral cats | WildlifeResearch.pdf

Doherty-2016 Feral cats cause havoc on Australian wildlife | DeakinUni.pdf

Feral Cat Research | 2012-13 AustralianWildlifeConservancy.pdf

Feral Cats Consequences for Humans and Wildlife | AmBirdConservancy.pdf

Feral cats now cover over 99.8 percent of Australia | 2017 PhysOrg.pdf

George-2010 Feral Cat Research | 2015 UWC(TUFCAT).pdf

Heilbrun-2014 Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept Feral Cat Briefing Paper |

Horn-2011 Researchers track the secret lives of feral and free-roaming house cats | IllinoisNewsBureau.pdf

Hrala-2017 Almost 100 percent of Australia is now covered in feral cats | ScienceAlert.pdf

Humans the number one threat to wildlife | circa.2011 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Jessup-2004 Welfare of feral cats and wildlife | JAVMA.pdf

Johnson-2014 Effect on shelter cat intakes and euthanasia from a shelter TNR project | TheVetJournal.pdf

Loss-2013 The impact of free-ranging domestic cats on wildlife of the US | NatureCommunications.pdf

Lowe-2004 100 of the world’s most invasive alien species | WorldConservationUnion.pdf

Loyd-2010 Evaluation of Feral Cat Management Using Decision Analysis Network | Ecology&Society.pdf

Medina-2011 Global review invasive cat impacts on endangered vertebrates | GlobalChangeBio.pdf

Nuwer-2013 Feral Cats Kill Billions of Small Critters Each Year | Smithsonian.pdf

Ogan-1998 Biology and Ecology of Feral, Free-Roaming and Stray Cats | MesocarnivoresCA.pdf

Reaction cats get day in NY court in Endangered Species Act case | 2017 AlleyCatAllies.pdf

Sizemore-circa.2013 Cats Indoors | AmericanBirdConservancy.pdf

Sizemore-circa.2016 Cats and other Invasives | AmericanBirdConservancy.pdf

The Vacuum Effect why catch and kill doesn’t work | AlleyCatAllies.pdf

van de Woestijine-2013 Thoughts on Feeding the Feral | UrbanWildlifeResearchProject.pdf

Williams-2017 Unique method of killing feral cats | UniSouthAustralia.pdf

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