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Books on Feline Health

Photo:  cats Raoul and Spot cuddling.


Bach Flower Essences for the Family
Edward Bach, 1993
Wigmore Publication, Ltd, London (56pp)
The Bach Flower Remedies
Edward Bach & F. J. Wheeles,1979
Keats Publishing, CT (149pp)
Bach Flower Remedies for Animals
Helen Graham & Gregory Vlamis, 1999
Findhorn Press, Forres. Scotland (126pp)
The Book of the Cat
Michael Wright, ed., 1980
Summit Books, NY (256pp)
The Cat Care Book:  all you need to know to keep your cat healthy and happy
Sheldon Gerstenfeld, 4th printing 1990
Addison-Wesley, MA (282pp)
Cat Love:  understanding the needs and nature of your cat
Pam Johnson, 1990

Storey Communications, VT (246pp)
Cat Massage
Mary Jean Ballner, 1997
St Martin’s Griffen, NY (128pp)
Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook
Delbert Carlson & James Griffin, 1995

Howell Book House, NY (419pp)
Cats:  homeopathic remedies
George Macleod, 1993

CW Daniel, Essex (176pp)
The Cornell Book of Cats:  a comprehensive medical reference
Mordecai Siegal, ed., 1989

Villard Books, NY (435pp)
Flower Essences: reordering our understanding & approach to illness & health
Machaelle Small Wright, 1988
Perelandra, Ltd, Jeffersonton, VA (260pp)
The Healing Touch:  a proven massage program for cats and dogs
Michael Fox, 1990
New Market Press, NY (152pp)
Natural Healing for Cats
Susanne Bonisch, 1996

Sterling Publishers, NY (96pp)
Natural Health Care for Your Cat:  quick self-help using homeopathy & Bach flowers
Rudolf Deiser, et al...
The Holistic Veterinary Handbook:  safe, effective treatment plans for the companion animal practitioner
William Winter, DVM, 1997

Galde Press
The New Natural Cat
Anitra Frazier & Norma Eckroate, 1990
Dutton, NY (448pp)
The Well Adjusted Cat
Daniel Kamen, 1997

Brookline Books, MA (227pp)
Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
Richard & Susan Pitcairn, 1982

Rodale Press, PA (286pp)
The Tellington TTouch:  a breakthrough technique to train and care for your favorite animal
Linda Tellington-Jones & Sybil Taylor, 1992

Penguin Books, NY (278pp)

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