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Books on Animal Communication

Photo: Frito the cat looking like he's talking


Anaflora’s Healing Animals Naturally with Flower Essences & Intuitive Listening
Sharon Callahan, 2001
Sacred Spirit Publishing, CA (296pp)
The Animal Connection: a guide to intuitive communication with your pet
Judy Meyer, 2000
Plume Publishing (208pp)
Animals as Teachers & Healers
Susan Chernak McElroy, 2003
Peter Smith Publishing, Inc (xxxpp)
Animal Talk
Penelope Smith, 2004
Council Oak Books Publishing (224pp)
Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered
Machaelle Small Wright, 1997
Perelandra Publishing (296pp)
Blessing the Bridge:  what animals teach us about death, dying, and beyond
Rita Reynolds, 2001
New Sage Press, OR (160pp)
Communicating with Animals: the spiritual connection between people and animals
Arthur Myers 1997
McGraw-Hill Publishing (256pp)
Conversations with Animals: cherished messages and memories as told by an animal communicator
Lydia Hiby 1998
New Sage Press (192pp)
Conversations with Cat: an uncommon catalog of feline wisdom
Kate Solisti-Mattelon 2004
Council Oak Books Publishing (128pp)
Conversations with Dog: an uncommon dogalog of canine wisdom
Kate Solisti-Mattelon 2004
Council Oak Books Publishing (128pp)
Dogs Never Lie About Love: reflections on the emotional world of dogs
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson 1998
Three Rivers Press (304pp)
The Dog Who Loved Too Much: tales, treatments, and the psychology of dogs
Nicholas Dodman 1997
Bantam Publishing (272pp)
How Animals Communicate
Bil Gilbert 1965
Pantheon Books Publishing (xxxpp)
How to Talk to Your Animals
Jean Craighead George 1986
Hodder & Stoughton General Division Publishing (286pp)
How to Talk to Your Cat
Patricia Moyes 1993
Gramercy Publishing (128pp)
How to Talk to Your Cat
Jean Craighead George 2003
HarperTrophy Publishing (40pp)
Kinship with All Life: simple, challenging, real-life experiences showing how animals communicate with each other and the people who understand them
J. Allen Boone 1976
Harper One Publishing (160pp)
The Language of Animals:  seven steps to communicating with animals
Carol Gurney, 2001
Dell Books, NY, (244pp)
The Man Who Listens to Horses
Monty Roberts 1999
Random House of Canada, Ltd Publishing (320pp)
The Souls of Animals
Gary Kowalski, 1991
Stillpoint Publishing, NH, (114pp)
Straight from the Horses Mouth: how to talk to animals and get answers
Amelia Kinkade 2005
New World Library Publishing (352pp)
Talking With Horses
Henry Blake 2007
Souvenir Press Publishing (176pp)
Talking with the Animals
Patty Summers 1998
Hampton Roads Publishing (144pp)
The Tellington TTouch: a revolutionary natural method to train and care for your favorite animal
Linda Tellington Jones 1995
Penguin Publishing (304pp)
What the Animals Tell Me
Sonya Fitzpatrick 1998
Sidgwick & Jackson Publishing (240pp)
When Animals Speak: advanced interspecies telepathic communication
Penelope Smith 2004
Council Oak Books Publishing (224pp)
When Elephants Weep: the emotional lives of animals
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson 1996
Delta Publishing (320pp)
Wisdom of the Animals: communication between animals and the people who love them
Raphaela Pope & Elizabeth Morrison 2001
Adams Media Corp Publishing (240pp)
You Can Talk to Your Animals
Janine Adams, 2000
Howell Book House Publishing (146pp)

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