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Books on Bereavement

Photo: Bug the cat near the end of his life. If you look closely, you'll see the rainbow from a prism hung in the window on his brow...


A Final Act of Caring—ending the life of an animal friend
Mary & Herb Montgomery, 1993
Montgomery Press, Minneapolis, MN, (32pp)
Badger’s Parting Gifts
Susan Varley, 1992
Mulberry Books, NY, (20pp)
Between Pets and People:  the importance of animal companionship
Alan Beck & Aaron Katcher, 1997
Purdue University Press, IN (316pp)
Blessing the Bridge:  what animals teach us about death, dying, and beyond
Rita Reynolds, 2001
New Sage Press, OR (160pp)
Cats’ Eyes
Anthony Taber, 1978
EP Dutton, NY, (88pp)
Cat Heaven
Cynthia Rylant, 1996
Scolastic, NY (36pp)
Coping with the Loss of a Pet
Christina Lemiux, 1992
Wallace Clark, PA
Dog Heaven
Cynthia Rylant, 1996
Scolastic, NY (36pp)
Goodbye, Friend:  healing wisdom for anyone who has ever lost a pet
Gary Kowalski, 1997
Stillpoint, NH, (160pp)
Good-bye My Friend—grieving the death of a pet
Mary & Herb Montgomery, 1991
Montgomery Press, MN, (31pp)
Goodbye Mitch
Ruth Wallace-Brodeur, 1995
Alber Whitman & Co, IL
I’ll Always Love You
Hans Wilhelm, 1989
Crown Publishers, NY, (16pp)
It Must Hurt a Lot:  a child’s book about death
Doris Sanford, 1985
Multnomah Press
Lifetimes:  the beautiful way to explain death to children
Mellonie & Ingpeg, 1983
Bantam Books, NY
Losing Your Dog
Mickie Gustafson, 1992
Bergh Publishing, NY, (136pp)
Loss of a Pet
Wallace Sife, 1993
Howell, NY, (164pp)
My Personal Pet Remembrance Journal
Enid Samuel Traisman, MSW, 1996
Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital Publishing, OR, (40pp)
“Oh, Where Has My Pet Gone?”—a pet loss memory book, ages 3-103
Sally Sibbitt, MSW, 1991
B. Libby Press, MN, (64pp)
On Death and Dying
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, 1993
Collier Books, NY
Pet Loss:  a spiritual guide
Eleanor Harris, 1997
Llewellyn Press, MN (258pp)
Pet Loss:  a thoughtful guide for adults and children
Herbert Nieburg & Arlene Fischer, 1982
Harper & Row, NY
Pet Loss and Human Bereavement
William J. Kay, ed., 1988
Iowa State University Press, Ames, (198pp)
Preparing for the Loss of Your Pet:  saying goodbye with love, dignity, and peace of mind
Myrna Milani & Jerry Dorsman, 1998
Prima Publishing, (400pp)
Perfect Endings:  a conscious approach to dying and death
Robert Sachs, 1998
Healing Arts Press, VT, (164pp)
The Heart That Is Loved Never Forgets:  recovering from loss, when humans and animals lose their companions
Kaetheryn Walker, 1998
Healing Arts Press, (143pp)
The Human-Animal Bond and Grief
Laurel Lagoni, Carolyn Butler, & Suzanne Hetts, 1994
WB Sanders & Co, PA
The Souls of Animals
Gary Kowalski, 1991
Stillpoint Publishing, NH, (114pp)
When Your Pet Dies:  how to cope with your feelings
Jamie Quackenbush & Denise Graveline, 1985
Simon & Schuster, NY
Your Aging Pet:  making the senior years healthy and rewarding
Mary & Herb Montgomery, 1997
Montgomery Press, Minneapolis, MN, (32pp)

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