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Books on Feline Behavior


Photo: dinner for Bug, Spot, Lucy, Lucifer Victor, Basil, Peachy, Forrest, James, Fred, Izzy, and Stuart, the cats


A Cat Is Watching:  a look at the way cats see us
Roger Caras, 1989
Simon & Schuster, NY (240pp)
The Bach Flower Remedies
Edward Bach & F. J. Wheeles,1979
Keats Publishing, CT (149pp)
The Behavior of the Domestic Cat
John Bradshaw, 1992
CAB International, UK (219pp)
Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat
Gary Landsberg, W. Hunthausen, & Lowell Ackerman, 1997
Butterworth/Heinemann, Oxford (211pp)
The Body Language & Emotions of Cats
Myrna Milani, 1987
Morrow, NY (294pp)
Canine and Feline Behavior Problems:  instructions for veterinary clients
Stefanie Schwartz, 1997
Mosby-Year Book (152pp)
Canine & Feline Behavioral Therapy
Benjamin & Lynette Hart, 1985
Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia (273pp)
The Cat’s Mind:  understanding your cat’s behavior
Bruce Fogle, 1992
Howell/Macmillen, NY (203pp)
Cat Behavior and Training
Lowell Ackerman, comp., 1996
TFH, NJ (317pp)
Cats on the Couch
Carole Wilbourn, 1988
Ivy Books, NY (266pp)
The Cat Psychologist:  understanding your cat
Mardie MacDonald, 1991
Putnam Publishing, NY (140pp)
Cat Talk:  what your cat is trying to tell you
Carole Wilbourn, 1991
Publisher’s Choice
The Cat Who Cried for Help
Nicholas Dodman, 1997
Bantam Books, NY (235pp)
Do Cats Need Shrinks:  cat behavior explained
Peter Neville, 1991
Contempory Books, Inc., Chicago (200pp)
The Domestic Cat: the biology of its behavior
Dennis Turner & Patrick Bateson, eds., 1988
Cambrige University Press, NY (222pp)
The Everything Cat Book
Steve Duno, 1997
Adams Media, MA (301pp)
Feline Behavior:  a guide for veterinarians
Bonnie Beaver, 1992
Saunders/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Philadelphia (276pp)
Good Cats, Bad Habits
Alice Rhea, 1995
Fireside, NY (225pp)
Guide to a Well-Behaved Cat:  a sound approach to cat training
Phil Maggitti, 1993
Barrons Educational Series, NY (130pp)
Hiss and Tell
Pam Johnson, 1996
The Crossing Press, CA (125pp)
Housecat:  how to keep your indoor cat sane and sound
Christine Church, 1998
Macmillan, NY (193pp)
How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want
Warren & Fay Eckstein, 1990
Random House, NY (264pp)
How to Raise a Sane and Healthy Cat
Sean Hammond & Carolyn Ursey, 1994
Macmillen, NY
The Inner Cat
Carole Wilbourn, 1978
Stein & Day, NY
Is Your Cat Crazy?
John Wright & Judi Lashintis, 1994
Macmillan, NY (227pp)
Know Your Cat:  an owner’s guide to cat behavior
Bruce Fogle, 1991
Dorling Kindersley, NY (128pp)
Manual of Feline Behaviour
Valerie O’Farrell & Peter Neville, 1994
Looker Printers, Dorset, GB (83pp)
My Cat Is Driving Me Crazy
Grace McHatty & Tim Couzens, 1995
Carrol & Graf, NY (138pp)
No Naughty Cats
Debra Pirotin & Sherry Suib Cohen, 1985
Fawcett Crest, NJ (174pp)
The Perfect Kitten
Peter Neville, et al...
Pet Clean-up Made Easy
Don Aslett, 1988
Writer’s Digest Books, OH (136pp)
Psycho Kitty?
Pam Johnson, 1998
Crossing Press, Freedom, CA (144pp)
Psychopharmacology of Animal Behavior Disorders
Nicholas Dodman & Louis Shuster, eds., 1998
Blackwell Science, Oxford (332pp)
Roger Tabor’s Cat Behavior:  A Complete Guide to Understanding How Your Cat Works
Roger Tabor, 1997
Readers Digest, NY (144pp)
Shelter Cats
Karen Commings, 1998
Howell Book House, NY (208pp)
Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Cat (Play With Your Pet)
Ed Shems (Illus), Maxine Rock, 1998
John Wiley & Sons (128pp)
Treatment of Behaviour Problems in Dogs and Cats:  a guide for the small animal veterinarian
Henry Askew, 1996
Blackwell Science, Oxford (448pp)
Tribe of Tiger
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, 1994
Simon & Schuster, NY (240pp)
Twisted Whiskers
Pam Johnson, 1994
Crossing Press, Freedom, CA (166pp)
250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You
Ingrid Newkirk
Understanding and Training Your Cat or Kitten
H. Ellen Whiteley, 1994
Crown Publishers, NY (276pp)
Understanding Cats
Roger Tabor, 1995
Readers Digest, NY (144pp)
Understanding the Cat You Love
Mordecai Siegal, 1994
Berkley Pub Group (201pp)
Understanding Your Cat
Michael Fox, 1977
Bantam Books, NY (192pp)
You Can Train Your Cat
Jo & Paul Loeb, 1979
Simon & Schuster, NY (284pp)
You’re OK, Your Cat’s OK
Marcus Schneck & Jill Caravan, 1992
Chartwell Books, NJ (144pp)
Your Aging Cat:  How to Keep Your Cat Physically and Mentally Healthy into Old Age
Kim Campbell Thornton, et al...
Your Kitten’s First Year
Don Harper, 1994
Chartwell, NJ (112pp)
The Well-Mannered Cat:  a practical guide to feline behavior modification
Dan Rice, 1998
Barrons Educational Series, NY

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